Hall of Fame

Gary Baker #11
(May 2010)

Gary Baker became the first inductee to the Louisiana Tech Hockey Hall of Fame after the inaugural season. Gary was the first ever hockey alumni and has since served as the first ever coach for Louisiana Tech Hockey. In his first season as coach, he was selected as the Asst. Coach for the 2012 SCHL All-Stars, and lead La Tech Hockey to the playoffs. Gary has played a pivotal role in the creation and running of the team and has continued to contribute his efforts toward the program. It is only fitting that his #11 jersey was retired.

Kevin Fontenot #26
(May 2011)

Kevin Fontenot became the first ever SCHL Rookie of the Year. It was also the first ever Rookie of the Year award given in the NCHRA, setting the standard for what a Louisiana Tech Hockey player should strive for. This achievement lead to Kevin Fontenot becoming the second inductee to the Louisiana Tech Hockey Hall of Fame.

Cole Luse #9
(April 2013)

Cole Luse was inducted into the Louisiana Tech Hockey Hall of Fame as the original founder of the program. Cole got the team to be a recognized Club Sport in the 2008 school year, laying the ground work for the future program. As a player he served as an Alternate Captain for three seasons, as well as making the SCHL All Stars three seasons. If not for Cole's vision Louisiana Tech Hockey may not exist today. It is these reasons why his #9 jersey was retired.

Michael Hinton #29
(April 2013)

Michael Hinton was the secondary founder of the program. He took what Cole Luse set up and created a program and entered it into the SCHL (Southwest Collegiate Hockey League). He led the team into its Inaugural season in 2009-2010 and served as the goalie for the first three seasons. He made two SCHL All Star teams, and in his senior season was given the 2012 NCRHA's Outstanding Contribution to Collegiate Roller Hockey Award. After graduation he became the Director of Club Development for the SCHL, as well as serving as coach for Louisiana Tech Hockey. It is for all his contributions that his #29 jersey was retired.

David Johnson #91
(April 2015)

David Johnson was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his accomplishments on the rink. David was a large contributor to the success of the program in the early seasons. He capped it off with an impressive senior season leading the nation in goals scored, a Louisiana Tech first, with 71 goals being the most in the 2013-2014 season, and third in the nation in total points with 87. He also finished his career as Louisiana Tech's points, goals, & assists leader. He had 44 assists, 184 goals, totaling 228 points.

 Retired Jerseys

Retired May 2010

Retired April 2013

Retired April 2013